Greater Than Ourselves

1 08 2012

The other night I was up late watching the Olympics. The network started showing clips of Michael Phelps previous races and were talking about how he just did not have it this year. They were saying how he was not the same and questioning his desire to win. I started thinking about Tiger Woods and how people have criticized his play lately. If Tiger or Michael don’t when every event they enter they must have lost their touch. This is such bologna! Did anyone ever think that because of their greatness they made everyone else in the sport try and train that much harder. I don’t feel that either one of those guys lost that much but everyone else is that much better.

I believe this is what we as leaders should strive to become. We should want others around us to become greater than ourselves. This should always be the trend in leadership and can you imagine what type of chain reaction that would birth. The next wave of leaders always become greater than the last , the upward trend would be astronomical. What ever it is that you do would always continue to grow and thrive.

Let’s not criticize leaders when it looks like they have leveled off, it maybe that they have raised up another leader to take some of the burden of themselves


Top 10 Sports Movies

23 03 2012

I was thinking about different sports movies the other day and figured why not make my own top 10. So here we go!

5. THE LONGEST YARD(the original)

This is my top 10, tell me what you think. What movie or movies do you think I left out?

Look Good and Lose

3 01 2012

I recently watched a movie called White Men Can’t Jump. In the movie one of the actors says a line ” You would rather look good and lose than to look bad and win.” This got me to thinking about the church. Do we too often care more about looking like the “perfect” church and not getting the win? Maybe the church should care more about looking for the win than about looking “perfect”.

Who your daddy?

11 12 2010

I was reading over the birth of Christ in the the Bible. As I kept reading something struck me as odd. Was it just a little weird that Jesus’s earthly father was a carpenter. I started pondering how cool it was that God chose Joesph. Think about it, by choosing Joesph this ment that young Jesus would learn his fathers trade. He would learn how to mend, repair, and restore many different things. Why is this cool? Well as a youngster, Jesus learned how to restore wood, just a little training before he started restoring broken souls.


28 04 2010
Do know what is cool? Is that God can take our mistakes and turn them into something that we would never expect. I was reading in 1Kings about how David was praying and seeking Gods wisdom in who he should choose to inherit the throne of Israel. Now we all know the story about David and Bathsheeba and how David lusted after her and sinned against God. Now you ask what does this have to do with turning our mistakes into great things. Well if you read further you will see that Bathsheeba had a son with David and he was named Solomon. In 1Kings we see where God tells David to send Solomon with a priest and have him anointed as the new king. We know this to be uncommon because most of the time the eldest son will have the rights to the throne. But God had something different in mind here. He saw the chance to show that He could take what most would consider a reminder of a mistake that David made and turn it into a great triumph.

I had never really studied this story before now. It was truly eye opening for me. We all make mistakes in our lives. And sometimes we wish that we could take them back and never mention them again. In this story God shows us how our mistakes can still come to his glory. We are not perfect and we will sin and fall short but it is how we choose to view our short comings. We must seek God and ask Him to show us how to find His glory in our time of sin. Speaking of mistakes one thing I want to say is that if parents call their children mistakes they should be ashamed. The last time I checked God doesn’t make mistakes and children are a gift from God. Sorry, I had to say that cause that annoys me to hear people say those things.

I just thought how cool it was that God could take my mistakes and find away to have His glory shine through what I thought was so disastrous. It also makes me look at things a little different now. Now I don’t get so down when I screw up. Now I seek His wisdom and try to figure out how He could get some form of glory from it. It has been a life changing process to seek His wisdom even when I make a mistake

Expect the Unexpected

25 04 2010

       Expect the Unexpected: You never know what God has planned

Now this may see pretty simple for most people to understand, but for some of us we never seem to get past the fact that God will keep us on our toes. Every time we start thinking we have Him figured out…boom He throws us a curve ball. Now the question is what do we do with the pitch. Do we pull our heads out to quick and swing and miss the ball? Or do we keep our head in and swing and the pitch out of the park? When you are thrown a curve ball just remember to keep your eye on the ball and the outcome will be ok. God, I believe throws these at us to help strengthen our walk and give us another life experience to help someone else along their walk with God. I am a baseball fan like you wouldn’t believe, so using baseball terms to learn or teach about His will in our life is just awesome. Just remember to keep swinging for the fences.


20 04 2010

Wow! It has some time since I have written anything. No, I am not dead. I just been battling some issues the devil has thrown at me and my family. I am here to say that God is still in control. No matter what the devil threw at us, God still gave us victory. So I have been doing a lot of praying and worshipping to God and just thanking Him so much for just being a restoring God.

When I was little and even still today I love to watch guys restore old cars and even old houses. It has always fascinated me how they could take something so broken down and bring back to life. It took them some time and hard work. But all the hard work and time paid off in long run.

I know one thing those guys couldn’t shake a stick at the restoring power of our God. I know from first hand experience of this power. The devil tried really hard to tear apart my life, but God took control and everything is getting better day after day. I have to admit that the devil did do a pretty good job of trying to tear apart my family. I kept trying to remind myself of times in the Bible where God restored something. I came to find out that there are a lot of those times in there.

I will not take the time to list all of them, maybe just a few that helped me threw this time of need. The first would have to be the story of Jesus raising Lazurus from the dead. I just felt if He could raise the dead then my problem doesn’t look that big. Another would be the story of Noah. I mean really how can I not have faith that God could restore my family when He restored the world through one man and his family.

I just want everyone to know that God can restore what is broken in your life. Just let Him into your life and seek His will for your life. If you still do not believe in His restoring power, feel free to ask me about it. I am here to tell you no matter the problem God can restore your life and you will never be the same after experiencing His unbelievable power.